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TruLog Siding

Our TruLog Siding Gives You

The Beautiful Look Of Wood Siding ..

And The Strength Of Steel Siding .

We can agree that not many things look better than a beautiful log cabin.

But lets face it Maintaining the wood siding can be a huge pai and put a huge dent in your pocketbook. The upkeep that wood siding requires is higher than any other type of siding. Chipped paint, rotting, expanding and contracting these are just a few of the headaches wood siding will give you

Now You Can Get The Beautiful, Natural Look Of Wood Without The Maintenance Hassles

Our TruLog Steel Siding eliminates 99.9% of the problems that accompany wood siding.

That means NO rotting, NO splitting, and NO repainting. Once we install your TruLog Steel Siding, you NEVER have to worry about these problems again.

Here are more advantages our TruLog Steel Siding has over wood siding:

Features Wood Siding TruLog Steel Siding
Lifespan 30-50 years 50 years and longer
Fire Proof No Yes
Rot Proof No Yes
Insect Proof No Yes
Prone to cracking and splitting? Yes No. Steel is the most durable type of siding on the market.
Requires maintenance Yes. You have to treat wood siding every 4 to 9 years, depending on the elements its exposed to Very little. Once its installed, you dont have to worry about it.
Insulates your home, thereby reducing your energy bills? Optional; insulation adds to costs Yes. Our TruLog Steel Siding has foam-backed insulation
Requires painting Yes, at least every 5 years No
Aesthetics/Looks Exceptional; however, wood will rot and deteriorate over time if not properly maintained Exceptional steel never buckles or deteriorates in looks
Initial Cost Medium Medium
Long-Term Cost Very high. Wood requires the most upkeep out of any siding material Very Low. TruLog Steel Siding requires almost no upkeep

We custom fit the siding on site to get it to the exact inch of your homes measurements. With our TruLog Steel Siding, your home will look absolutely stunning and last for years.