Seamless Steel Siding Beats Every Other Type Of Siding Hands Down

Regular Siding Buckles & Looks BAD

Seamless Steel Siding Kent Mohler Exteriors

Seamless Steel Siding Looks GREAT

Seamless Steel Siding Doesn’t Just Look Better Than Vinyl… It Holds Up Better, Protects Your Home Better, And Lasts Longer. MUCH LONGER.

Won’t Sag. Won’t Warp. Won’t Melt. Won’t Expand & Contract. Won’t Let Rain In.

If you are traveling from Kansas City to Charlotte, would you pay a little more to fly in an airplane instead of taking a cross-country bus? Of course you would – the bus ride would cost a little less money, but instead of a 2 hour direct flight, you’d have to transfer buses 3 times and suffer a total of 32 hours of travel time.

Sometimes, the small savings just isn’t worth the hassle and poor quality.

The same thing is true when comparing seamless steel siding to traditional vinyl siding. Yes, steel costs more – about 12% to 22% more on average – but it outperforms vinyl by such a significant margin that it’s laughable.

In my over 40 years, since 1975 of installing seamless steel siding, I’ve only EVER heard of fewer than 10 cases where hail caused an insurance claim. Compare that to the THOUSANDS of claims against vinyl – there is a reason. Vinyl is just another word for PLASTIC. Thin plastic, too. It easily warps, cracks, sags, bends, and droops over time. Especially in the brutal Midwest climate. You simply should not risk it.

It comes with a lifetime, non-prorated warranty, so once the job is done, it’s done forever.

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