Your Replacement Windows Are Only As Good As The Company That Installs Them

With Over 40 Years Experience Since 1975, We Have The Knowledge & Skill To PROPERLY Install Your Replacement Windows The First Time… GUARANTEED.

Window2Many windows today have the same features: e-coating; double- or triple-paned glass; insulation; and so on.

Sure, some window brands are better than others. But do you want to know what really separates a good window from a bad window?

What Makes The Difference Is The Installation.

You can buy the best window in the world—but if it’s installed improperly, it’s simply a hole in your wall, increasing your energy bills and sucking money right out of your pocketbook.

As the premier Kansas City window replacement contractor, we take our time to guarantee your replacement windows are properly installed to ensure you won’t have to call us back to fix a problem.

See, some companies pay their workers by the window. That means these workers try to install as many windows as they can in the quickest possible time, so they can make more money.

Noise Reduction Glass

That’s a recipe for shoddy workmanship—not to mention a massive headache for you when you have to call the company back weeks later to fix a mistake they made.

And don’t think they’ll be happy about coming back to fix their blunders. After all, you’re cutting into their “windows-per-hour” time.
So when we say we take a little longer to install your windows, we’re darn proud of that. We take our time to make sure your windows are installed right, rather than rush through the job to move to the next customer.

As we say around here: “Do It Once. Do It Right.”

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