Our Replacement Doors Are The Perfect Combination Of Looks, Energy Efficiency, And Security.

Our Expert Craftsmen Use The Most Thorough Door Installation Techniques In The Industry—So We GUARANTEE Your New Doors Will Be Installed Perfectly THE FIRST TIME.

​As Is Our Motto: “Do It Once. Do It Right.”

If your home still has the original door, or it’s 10 years old or older, then consider what a new door Ext_Door_Page_Photocan do for you. When people have a new door installed, one of the most common things they say is, “We never realized how much difference a new door would make—we love it!”

The Reasons People Choose Kent Mohler Exteriors To Install Their New Doors:

#1: Our Doors Enhance Your Home’s Curb Appeal.

One of the first aspects of your home a person sees is the front door. The front door sets the mood for the rest of your home. If the door is shoddy looking and old, it will create a negative aura around the rest of your house.

Our doors enhance your home’s curb appeal and give everyone who passes through it a great first impression. The doors we install will draw ooh’s and aah’s out of your houseguests (and maybe make them a little jealous their own doors don’t look as good).

door2#2: Our Doors Improve The Energy Efficiency Of Your Home And Cut Your Energy Costs.

If your door is drafty or improperly insulated, it’s literally leaking money. Just one faulty door can significantly raise your energy bills and cost you big money.

All of the doors we install meet or exceed Energy Star requirements. This means you’ll slash your energy costs to the tune of a couple hundred dollars per year. And being able to save money in this day-and-age is huge.



#3: We Have The Best Door Installation Methods In The Region.

A door is only as good as the company that installs it. The best, most energy-efficient door in the world isn’t going to work if it’s improperly installed. Our craftsmen install your doors with the utmost care and attention to detail. They’re perfectionists, and refuse to leave the job until your doors are installed 100% right.

The Bottom Line

​Our door collection is unmatched in terms of looks, durability, and energy efficiency. And since we’re meticulous, exacting perfectionists, we take the time to ensure your door is properly installed the first time. Simply put: We’ve been in business since 1975 because we do EVERYTHING the right way.