Seamless Steel Siding
Seamless Steel Siding, Liberty, MO

If it’s time for you to invest in new siding for your home in Liberty, MO, then you should consider a time-tested solution: seamless steel siding. This type of siding is widely recognized as one of the most durable options you can put on your home. At Kent Mohler Exteriors, we’ve been helping homeowners in and around Liberty, MO, get the best possible exterior upgrades for their homes since 1978. We specialize in seamless steel siding and can help you get this incredibly long-lasting siding for your home.

Common Questions About Seamless Steel Siding

Homeowners are often weighing the pros and cons of different siding contractors and the options they offer. We’ve taken the liberty of answering some of these questions to help you determine if seamless steel siding is right for your lifestyle and home.

What is Seamless Steel Siding?

Answer: Seamless steel siding is created from the same durable steel panels used in car manufacturing. It is the perfect mix of form and function, as it is beautiful and adds to the curb appeal of your home while effectively protecting your home from rain, hail, and other weather conditions.

Can I Have my Seamless Steel Siding Painted?

Answer: While it is possible, we do not recommend painting your seamless steel siding like you might paint wood siding. Paint will chip or fade over time, negating the benefit of a durable finish. Our steel siding is available in a wide range of colors, and it’s measured, rolled, and cut on-site to perfectly complement any home.

Is Seamless Steel Siding Expensive?

Answer: Seamless steel siding offers incredible value for the price. While it will be more expensive than vinyl, another popular choice of siding material, steel siding offers low-maintenance beauty and longevity even when exposed to the harshest weather conditions.

Is There Any Kind of Guarantee When It Comes to Seamless Steel Siding?

Answer: We don’t believe in empty promises. Seamless steel siding from Kent Mohler Exteriors is built to last, manufactured with galvanized steel to prevent warping or cracking. Our products are backed by a manufacturer’s warranty and a 35-year no fade warranty.

Seamless Steel Siding: The Durable Option

It is truly remarkable how long seamless steel siding can last. With proper installation and care, it is not unheard of for seamless steel siding to last up to 50 years. Compared to most other siding options, steel’s longevity can’t be beat.

A Lasting, Low-Maintenance Finish

One of the qualities that contributes to seamless steel siding’s incredibly long lifespan is its finish. The colors and textures present on steel siding are inherent to the steel, which means that homeowners in Liberty, MO, who put seamless steel siding on their home won’t have to repaint it for the entire life of the siding. And unlike many traditional siding options, seamless steel siding won’t chip, fade, or lose its luster over time.

Keep Your Home Protected

What’s more, the “seamless” part of seamless steel siding refers to the way that it is created. At Kent Mohler Exteriors, we make all of the seamless steel siding that we manufacture to your home’s exact specifications. That means you will get a customized, completely perfect fit, without seams. Because of this, it is much harder for rain, snow, wind, mold, and pests to get past your siding to your home’s frame. Its seamless appearance also looks fantastic, without the unsightly gaps present in many types of siding.

Make Your Liberty, MO, Home Seamless

If you’re ready to give your home the ultimate siding that will last for years to come, you should choose seamless steel siding. For any questions or to schedule a consultation at your Liberty, MO, home, contact Kent Mohler Exteriors today.

“KME did a wonderful job on updating our 100+ year old home. They were responsive to our change requests as well.”

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“KME did a wonderful job on updating our 100+ year old home. They were responsive to our change requests as well.”

- Carol H.