We’ve Remodeled Thousands of Kansas City Area Homes Since 1975

Take A Look At Some Of Our Exteriors Remodeling Work.

Is there anything better looking than a fresh paint job? The biggest problem with a fresh paint job is the fact that it will only look fresh for so long. Eventually, mother nature will take over, and the aging will begin again. A home that has permanent exterior siding, reaps the benefit of looking like a freshly painted house, while being virtually maintenance free. Washing the siding down every couple years with a garden hose is the extent of the maintenance required when customers choose Kent Mohler Exteriors to do their work. Here at KME, we have been installing siding, windows and doors for over 40 years. As you can see in the gallery below, we have taken on a wide array of  exterior remodeling projects. As far as we are concerned, there is no task too tall for our expert craftsmen. There is a popular saying, “your home is your best investment.” For most folks, this statement is true. Like most investments, a person’s home might not get all of the attention it requires, particularly the exterior. Of course, the exterior is exposed to the brutal Midwestern climate, thus requires the most attention. That is where KME can turn your biggest concern, into your biggest asset. The gallery below is an illustration of how we make ordinary homes, extraordinary. Our mission is to make our customer’s proud when they pull into their driveway. Do it Once, Do it Right is the Kent Mohler Exterior way.

Before & After Photos