We Believe One Of The Most Important Parts Of A Home-Remodeling Project Is RESPECTING Your Home, As Well As Your Neighbors’

That’s Why We Made The Following Rules:

  • No hammering, sawing or other loud construction activities before 7:30 a.m. or after 7:30 p.m. And no loud radios – ever! We respect your need to unwind and rest in quiet surroundings.
  • No debris littering the job site. Our crews clean up as they go along. We never leave cartons or scrap materials lying around because we don’t want litter blowing onto lawns or driveways, or into the street.
  • Courtesy is our golden rule. If you ever have to ask a question or make a request of one our installers, expect to be treated with complete respect.
  • If you ever feel we’re ignoring one of our self-imposed rules, call us immediately and we’ll correct the situation. The number to call for prompt attention is 816-628-4049.
  • ​We will be careful and considerate of your patio furniture, bushes, flowers, and all your landscaping, and respect your personal property as if it were our own.