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Pool & Hot Tub Chemicals Kansas City MO

Do you relish your time playing with your family in your pool or relaxing in the warm embrace of your hot tub? If so, you’ll need to regularly maintain your pool or hot tub to keep it clean and looking as inviting as the day it was installed. Homeowners in Kearney, Liberty, Excelsior Springs, Smithville, and other cities near Kansas City, Missouri, can rely on Kent Mohler Exteriors for some of the best pool and hot tub chemicals in the industry.

Pool-Treatment Chemicals That We Sell

At KME, our products are sourced from highly reputable brands, and our pool and hot tub chemicals are no exception. Made by GLB® Pool Care and Leisure Time® Spa, we have the following chemicals available:

  • Sanitizers for clarifying the water and preventing algae growth
  • Shock oxidizers to eliminate contaminants and brighten the water
  • Algaecides to kill and prevent green, yellow, and black algae from growing
  • Balances for increasing the alkalinity of the water and maintaining the pH level
  • Clarifiers that make the water sparkle and remove particles that could clog the filter
  • Cleaners that deodorize the water with a fresh lemon scent
  • Stain control for protecting surfaces from staining caused by hard-water chemicals

Regular treatment with these chemicals can ensure your pool or hot tub will always look pristine and be ready for use. If you’ve fallen behind on your maintenance duties and your pool or hot tub is starting to resemble a natural pond, we have kits available that contain an assortment of chemicals to jump-start the recovery process.

A Trusted Partner

At KME, we’ve been meeting the needs of homeowners with best-in-class products and services since our founding in 1975. With so many years in the industry, we are a trusted home improvement company serving the Kansas City, MO, area.

If you own a home in Kearney, Liberty, Excelsior Springs, Smithville, or a nearby city, contact KME today to learn more about the pool and hot tub chemicals we have for sale.

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