Pool & Hot Tub Chemicals for Kearney, MO, Homeowners

Pool and Hot Tub Chemicals Kearney MO

Having a pool or hot tub at your home in the Kearney, Missouri, area can certainly help you enjoy your outdoor space. At Kent Mohler Exteriors, we sell pool and hot tub chemicals that will allow you to do just that by keeping the water clean and looking inviting. With regular treatment of these chemicals, your pool and hot tub will always be ready for use.

Industry-Leading Products

We’ve been known since our founding in 1975 for offering best-in-class products for our valued customers, and this holds true for our pool and hot tub chemicals. Our suite of pool supplies and hot tub chemicals includes:

  • Sanitizers for clarifying the water
  • Shock oxidizers to eliminate contaminates
  • Algaecides that kill green, yellow, and black algae
  • Balances for increasing alkalinity and maintaining the pH level
  • Clarifiers that make the water sparkle
  • Cleaners that deodorize the water
  • Stain controls for protecting surfaces

If it’s been awhile since you’ve been able to clean your pool or hot tub and it’s beginning to look more like a natural pond, we have the solution for you, as well. Our treatment kits include a range of chemicals that can help return your pool or hot tub to usable condition.

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At Kent Mohler Exteriors, it’s been our pleasure to deliver outstanding home improvement services to homeowners in Kearney, MO, for 45 years and counting. Don’t let your pool or hot tub fall into disuse. Contact us today to learn more about our pool and hot tub chemicals.