If a Product Doesn’t Look Absolutely Stunning,

Unconditionally Protect Your Home From Weather…

Then I Categorically Refuse To Sell It. Period.

Let’s face it – most companies out there want you to buy from them because they offer the lowest price. But what if the lowest price means buying a piece of garbage? What if the lowest price means inferior workmanship? What if lowest price means you’ll be buying the same thing again in a few short years?

I’m only interested in selling and installing products that deliver on their promises. When I say our siding and windows are guaranteed for life – that’s a promise. When I tell you that my installers are, on average, 20% SLOWER than average, you can bet that means they slowed down to do the job right.

Bottom line: Our prices are very reasonable considering the outstanding quality you’re going to get. You can definitely buy siding, doors, and windows for cheaper elsewhere. Heck, I can give you names and phone numbers if that’s what you really want. But if you want it done ONCE…done RIGHT…buy from Kent Mohler Exteriors. You’ll NEVER regret it. That’s a personal promise.