Hiring The Best In The Industry For Renovations Part 1

This week I am going to start on what you need to know when working on a home remodel of any kind.  Why it’s important that you be sure you hire the best in that particular industry.  Whether it’s your kitchen, bathroom or an addition.  Quite possibly it could be having siding put on your home or maybe new windows installed for better energy efficiency.  When deciding who is going to do the work for your project you will want to be sure you get the best job for your money.  How does someone go about choosing who is the best contractor for their particular project? In today’s world the industry standards simply aren’t tough enough in my opinion.  Just about anybody with a hammer, nail and a pickup truck can be a contractor.  Below I will outline some good guidelines to follow for your next renovation project.

Stability – You need to make sure that any contractor you do business with has proven themselves in the past and will be there if you need them in the future.  My suggestion is, DO NOT just ask the contractor if they are stable; do some research and look for tangible proof of longevity.  Look for a place of establishment, an office of some kind. If you were to hire someone that works from their cell phone and truck what will happen if they don’t finish the job or maybe you have an issue with something down the road. How are you going to reach them? Unless a contractor has invested his own money into himself and his business, how can you feel secure spending your hard earned money with someone that can just drive away and change their number? 


Bank Letter and Supplier Letter – Good standing with a bank is crucial for any business, but gaining the confidence and security of its financial managers allows a company not only to sustain itself and endure even in rough economic times but to innovate and grow to meet and service customer demands.  When a company has a written letter from a supplier, this is confirmation for you as the customer that the company’s dealings with a supplier of the products they install stating that they are in good standing as a vendor and pay their bills promptly.  These letters are easy for your contractor to obtain from suppliers and banks – if a contractor says they are difficult to obtain, then there might be something that they’re trying to hide.


Next week I will cover the rest of key points to looks for when hiring your contractor and what it takes to be sure you make the BEST choice for your project. Stay tuned!