Window Replacement Understanding Important Customers Tells Us Important

Purchasing and replacing windows can be a substantial investment. Below I will outline what consumers find to be the most important when purchasing windows . Here at Kent Mohler Exteriors, LLC we are able to provide peace of mind to our customers with all of the options available in today’s window replacement market.

Beauty and aesthetics

  • Can you believe the number one concern of customers is “what will my house look like once the new windows are installed”. I don’t know about you but the way my home looks has always been important to me as well.
  • Windows come in a wide variety of types and variants, each of which carries with it a distinct set of advantages . Understanding the different options of windows available on the market, and what each type has to offer, can help you choose the model that best fits your home’s needs.

Types of Windows

  • Here at Kent Mohler Exteriors, LLC we offer many different varities such as; slider windows, garden, bay and bow windows, picture windows with special shapes, casement windows, double hung windows and many more! Our windows come with many different options to make them specific to your wants and needs. Beauty and the functionality of that beautiful  window is important.   Outlined below you can see how any window can go from ordinary to extrodinary just by a few simple options.

Color of Windows

  • Windows also offer different colors such as your typical white, or possibly a little more exciting color such as; red, green, tan, black or beige. Our windows offer exceptional style for every home, maybe you prefer our many different woodgrain options . On bay and bow windows you can even pick a seatboard option to give it that extra pop. You see, replacement windows do no only come in white these days. Windows can be tailor made to bring out even the most subtle artist in you.

Window Grid Packages

  • Outside of colors we also offer many different grid options with our windows. Different grids lend an added measure of style and dimension to your windows. All of our grids are enclosed within the insulated glass for easy cleaning and for energy efficiency. Between the many pattern or profile options you are sure to find something that suites your window needs.
Window Cut Glass Packages and Options
  • Have you ever considered cut glass in your windows. We offer a selection of V-grooved cut glass patterns. Such as, starcrest in three different versions. This is a perfect way to add a touch of elegance without obstructing your view. You see with bold frame work, exterior color and the many options available you can create striking beauty with custom appeal.

Lastly, all of the above window options are also available in our doors. From different types of doors such as sliding glass doors or maybe an entry door with sidelights and even transom. The colors or woodgrain options are the fairly similar to our window options.  Finally, choose any patterns from grids or our V-grooved cut glass.