Tips to Find a Safe, Effective and Great Looking Front Door

The front door of your home is an essential part of your family’s safety and well-being, but it serves as a fantastic introduction to your home as well. Deciding to replace your front door – or any other exterior door of your home – isn’t something you should do without first considering what options are available. Some things to keep in mind to ensure your newly selected door is a great looking addition that creates a welcoming and friendly first impression to guests are highlighted below.

Evaluate Your Existing Door

In some cases, it’ll be easy to tell if a replacement is needed. Perhaps it’s hanging from the frame or warped, or maybe even a bit brittle due to sun exposure. In many instances, however, the door may only be moderately aged, but not look completely terrible just yet.

Before you decide to replace your front door altogether, ask yourself whether repairing or refinishing your old door is possible. Equally important is to check around to see if there are any ready-made doors available that will fit your existing frame, especially if you want to avoid serious entryway work.

Exterior Door Styles

There are quite a few exterior door style options to consider if you decide that door replacement is necessary:

  • Single doors: Open to the right or left and swing out or in the home.
  • Double doors
  • French doors: Typically have glass allowing a complete view to the outside.
  • Patio doors: Similar to the French door but has a strip that is stationary and this door offers more security from being cooked in.
  • Center hinge doors: This option is used if you have space for patio or French doors but only want one side to open.
  • Sliding doors: This is typically used at the back of a home and allows for an unobstructed view of the yard.

Select the Type of Material

If it’s been several years since you purchased your current front door, there’s a good chance the door is made out of wood. While these types of doors are popular, they also have a number of drawbacks, including being affected by weather and bugs. The good news is there are a number of other options available today, including doors made out of fiberglass and steel. Steel doors are an extremely affordable option, especially if you are able to hang the door on your own.

While the low cost may be appealing, there is an important caveat: the lifespan of the steel door is much shorter than both fiberglass and wood doors. This lifespan is further shortened if it is exposed to heavy rains or salt air. Durability and a vast array of styles and options have made fiberglass doors one of the most popular exterior door options today. These doors can last between 15 and 20 years and requires limited upkeep. There are also a large number of styles available, many that mimic the look of the traditional wood door.

If you notice that the existing door is aged and weak, then a replacement will be the obvious answer. However, if you are on the fence, you should consider that replacing this aspect of your home can actually provide a larger ROI than any other home renovation. Contact us to learn more about replacement doors today!