Single Hung vs. Double Hung Windows: What’s the Right Option for Your Home?

Cleaning your windows isn’t something most people look forward to. In most cases, you wait until the weather outside is pleasant enough to handle this job without sweating to death. Sometimes, you may even spring for a professional to come handle the cleaning process.However, if you still have single hung windows in your home, you are still on the unfortunate end of the window cleaning spectrum.

Simplify the Cleaning Process with Double Hung Windows

The fact is, double hung windows make the cleaning process less challenging. In fact, this window option opens – completely – offering an entire new world of possibilities. Cleaning this type of window is so easy you are likely going to wonder why you didn’t replace your old, single hung windows sooner. All you have to do to clean is open up the top portion of the window, tilt it back, clean it, and then shut it again. It really is that easy.

Easily Let in Fresh Air with Double Hung Windows

Have you ever wanted to open your windows while it is raining to let in a breeze? If so, double hung windows may be the ideal option. With this style of window, you can open the top just a bit so that a cool breeze can come in. This also allows you to ventilate the space without causing damage to the window sill due to the rain drops. When you are able to pull down from the top, while the bottom section remains closed, you will allow a breeze to come into your home and it may even help to release some of the heat during the hotter months of the year.

The Safer Option

While single hung windows are offered at a lower price point, double hung windows out-shine them in virtually every other way you can imagine. When it comes to safety, the double hung window option can’t be beaten. With this style of window, you can easily open the top portion of it, and leave the bottom closed. This means it will be extremely difficult for an accident to occur.

The Appeal of Single Hung Windows

There are several reasons people still purchase single hung windows. As mentioned before, they are more affordable and in areas where space is limited, a single hung window may be the only option that will fit. However, these two reasons don’t come close to the benefits offered by double hung windows.

Regardless of if you are planning a home renovation project, building a home, purchasing a new home, or just looking for a new, updated look, there is no question that double hung windows are a smart option. Be sure to consider the options carefully to pick the right style that best fits your home and needs.