Signs it is Time to Replace Your Windows

Windows and doors are an important safety feature that prevents weather, dirt, and wind from entering the home. Choosing the correct windows and doors can impact your home in a number of ways. For example, they can help to lower your utility bill and make your home more aesthetically pleasing. 

Over time, your windows and doors will age. At some point they will need to be replaced and knowing when to do that is not always apparent. Some signs you need to install new windows and doors in your home can be found here.

Age of Your Home

When your home is older than 15 years it’s a good time to check to make sure your doors and windows still operate properly. A lot of homes still use single-pane glass windows, these are not energy efficient. You can reduce up to 35 percent of your energy costs by replacing your doors or windows. These older windows also have many issues and have increased chances of breaking. This presents a level of danger that can be completely eliminated simply by replacing the doors and windows in your home.

Outside Noise

Another common issue is noise. Single-pane glass windows do not reduce exterior noise, which means that new windows and doors will be able to minimize the noise coming in. This means that if you live nearby an airport, railway or just a noisy street, you will hear all of the noise that could be completely eliminated by installing new windows. The fact is, most modern windows use double pane glass, which are noise and energy efficient.

Sun Damage

Another common issue with older windows and doors is that they can cause damage inside of your home. Ultraviolet rays can come through windows and doors and cause furniture, carpet, and pictures to fade. As a result, you likely keep blinds and curtains drawn to minimize this effect, thus blocking your view of the outside. By simply replacing them, you can minimize these issues and enjoy the great outdoors.

Benefits of Replacement Windows and Doors

Replacing windows and doors in your home can increase the value of the home to a price equivalent to 97 percent of what you paid for the windows.  Windows that do not function properly or do not meet current Energy Star rated guidelines will be your number one reason for energy waste and higher costs.

When it comes to your home, quality windows and doors are a priority. These windows and doors, from a long standing reputable contractor will ensure your home remains energy efficient for years to come.