Seamless Steel Siding vs. Vinyl Siding

Both steel and vinyl siding are popular materials used for building homes today. Getting to know the features of each siding option will help you determine the one that is best suited for your particular needs. Some things you should consider when making this decision can be found here.


Both steel and vinyl siding are considered an extremely durable siding material. Under ordinary conditions, both options will last for many years. However, when trying to choose between the two options, steel will be the most durable option. The majority of steel siding options will last between 30 and 40 years prior to requiring new paint. After it is painted, it will likely last another 30 years, in many cases. This gives you up to 70 years of life out of steel siding, while vinyl siding will typically have to be replaced in 30 years.


Steel siding is also going to be much more resistant to damage than vinyl siding. Extreme temperatures don’t affect steel siding like it will vinyl. Vinyl siding is also known to crack and chip due to the contraction and expansion process it goes through. If the vinyl is not installed with the right expansion gap, it may result in significant damage.

Steel siding is also more resistant to being dented or damaged by hard objects. For example, if you start to mow the yard and a rock shoots out of your lawnmower, it will usually not cause any damage if steel siding is present. However, if you have vinyl siding, you may notice some denting on the surface.

Also, if the steel is damaged by hail or some other object, you don’t have to have it repaired immediately. Steel siding repairs are only necessary if you don’t like the way the damaged area looks. However, with vinyl siding, you should not put off repairs. If the vinyl is damaged, it may let water into the side of the home.

Initial Cost

An area where these two types of siding differ is in the cost. Seamless steel siding can run slightly higher than vinyl, however you’re buying a much more durable and reliable product. The only time there appears to be a greater difference in the costs of the two sidings is if you are comparing your discount brands of vinyl to the seamless steel option. A premium grade vinyl can be extremely close in cost versus seamless steel and again, it is an investment in your home.  Do it Once, do it Right!


It is typically easier for vinyl siding to be damaged.  Exposure to the change in temperatures has a tendency to make vinyl soft or brittle depending on the season which in turn makes it easier to warp, crack or chip.  Seamless steel on the other hand is a much more reliable siding which has a considerably less chance of damages from exposure or weather.

Take the time to get to know each siding option. Make an educated decision about which is best for your home.  Seamless steel is well worth the investment due to it’s longevity and durability when comparing the minimal difference in costs compared to vinyl. Contact Kent Mohler Exteriors today to see how seamless steel siding can benefit your home!