Should You Invest in Noise Reduction Glass?

There is no question that having a home that is peaceful and quiet is essential to make your home the retreat that you desire. Unwanted sounds from airport traffic, vehicles, loud machines and barking dogs can all impact how much you enjoy your home. This is especially true if these noises start to interfere with your ability to sleep at night. This is why noise reduction glass may be the ideal option for your home. This type of glass will help to reduce unwanted sounds and provide superior energy efficiency. If your home currently has wood window frames or single pane glass in the windows, then noise reduction glass can make a huge impact on the total amount of sound and noise that comes into your home.

The Methods of Noise/Sound Measurement

A sound begins with vibrations. The vibrations created will then cause the air in the space vibrate. These are the sound waves that will carry noise into the home by way of the doors and windows. Sound Transmission Class, or STC, is considered the primary rating system that is utilized for comparing how well a product is able to block the sound or noise from entering a home.

Another rating that is used is the Outside/Inside Transmission Class, or OITC. This is a rating that was created to measure the total exterior façade elements, which includes doors and windows that are impacted by noise from trains, aircraft and motor vehicles. Even though this is a better indication of the noise reduction efforts that building codes have been attempting to address for doors and windows, OITC is the rating that is not used as often.

When trying to compare overall performance, it is important to note that the higher that the rating is, the lower level of noise you are going to hear, using both OITC and STC ratings. However, OITC and STC are not equal. When trying to compare the sound performance of a window, be sure to compare OITC ratings to other OITC ratings or STC ratings to other STC ratings.

Factors that May Affect the Impact of Noise Reduction Glass

It is important to remember the walls of a home also have an STC rating, which is just as important as the actual window. The STC rating for a wall that is insulated and that measures 2×4 will usually range from 33 to 39, with 36 being considered the norm today. Be sure to consider this when searching for a window that will cancel out noise that is coming from outside. If no rating is provided, be sure to ask the window supplier about this. All windows have this rating, but if they are not actually noise cancellation windows, it may not be something that is given to the average consumer.

Taking the time to find noise reduction windows can help you create the quite oasis in your home you want and need. Speak with a professional in the industry to learn more about this type of glass and why it is a smart investment. While the initial cost may be a bit higher initially, it will be well-worth it in the long run.