Curb Appeal – Your Doors are Your Home’s Finishing Touch

Do you ever drive by a house and just feel like it’s “put together”?  Usually it feels welcoming, warm, and just plain dressed, from the top down.  Everything coordinates, from the shingle color, the siding color and even the trim!  If you think back on those homes you are most impressed by, they probably had terrific entry and garage doors, as well.

Most people don’t put nearly enough attention into the doors on their homes.  When we talk about doors, it includes entry doors, but also garage doors!  Do you realize that your garage door can take up as much as one-third of the visual mass of your home, from the road?  That’s a lot of space.  If your door is ugly and outdated, it can actually take away from the appeal of your home.  That can be especially important if you are considering listing your home For Sale!  The home selling market is competitive, and if your house has tired looking doors, it can mean the difference between a drive-by and an appointment for a viewing.

When you think of doors, think about them like jewelry.  The jewelry we add to an outfit should compliment and not distract.  It’s the same with doors.  If you work to compliment your siding  and accent trim colors of your home, you won’t go wrong!

Take a look at a couple of “before” and “after” pictures of new garage doors and how they transform the home.
Can you see how the break in color, with the accent of black above, completely sets off this home’s features?  It’s amazing!

Before and After Garage Doors

This home was perfectly gorgeous before, but now the garage doors “pop” from the street, instead of blending in.


The same can be true for entry doors, as well.  We don’t want to simply place a white door on a white house and consider your house “dressed”.  We need accent, drama, and movement! Look at the change in the front of these houses, with the simple addition of a new (or simply updated) entry door:

Home Remodeling
Before and After Entry Door                                


Both examples are so much more inviting, aren’t they?

It’s amazing the welcoming transformation that these simple updates can bring.  That can mean greater cash in your pocket when it comes time to sell.  Curb appeal is everything when it comes to selling a home.  First impressions get someone to come inside.

Update your doors to make your home the “best dressed” in the neighborhood.