Advantages of Seamless Steel Siding

Exterior House brown Siding installedHave you begun thinking about having new siding installed on your home? If so, you may want to broaden your horizons past traditional vinyl siding. For example, seamless steel siding offers a number of benefits that vinyl siding simply can’t compare with.

If you drive by someone else’s house that just seems to have something special about it, but you can’t pinpoint what that is, chances are it is seamless steel siding. Seamless siding means just as the name implies: every piece fits the precise length it was intended for. This effect is achieved with the help of a special machine and steel coil that is used on the construction site. The coil is run through the machine, which adds the profile and woodgrain and it cuts every piece to the desired length. Not only does this method look great, it is durable and long-lasting. Some of the other benefits offered by choosing seamless steel siding are highlighted here.

It Won’t Fade

Steel siding will not fade like vinyl siding. Due to this, you have more color options to choose from, as well as darker colors that are not typically offered with vinyl siding.

It’s an Environmentally Responsible Option

Since every piece of siding is cut to the precise length needed for installation purposes, there is virtually no waste. If there is waste, the steel is able to be recycled, which makes it a green, eco-friendly product.

Energy Efficient

Steel siding can be coated with a cool paint technology. This actually reflects heat. The technology works to keep your home cooler during the summer months and keeps your energy consumption down.

Extended Warranty

Steel siding is an extremely durable product. Due to this, there are many manufacturers that offer a lifetime guarantee with it. If you think you may want to sell your home sometime in the future, seamless steel siding will help to increase the appeal of the home, since the warranty is typically transferrable.

Flexible Installation Time

Seamless steel siding is able to be installed during any time of the year. The steel will not crack when it is cold out like vinyl often does.

No Issues with Moisture or Mildew

Since this steel siding is seamless, you don’t have to worry about moisture getting in the cracks at the seams. When this occurs, mildew and mold may begin to develop. However, since there are no seams, this is not a concern.

As you can see, seamless steel siding offers quite a few benefits. Taking the time to get to know what these are can help you see why this is a better option, in many situations than vinyl siding. Contact Kent Mohler Exteriors today to find out more about seamless steel sidings and how to get started with yours!