When You Hire Kent Mohler Exteriors, You Aren’t Only Hiring A Home Improvement Company… You’re Hiring People.

A Message From Kent Mohler, Owner Of Kent Mohler Exteriors:

You know, “Mom-and-Pop” shops get an unfair shake.

Most people think of “Mom-and-Pop” shops as small companies that don’t do much business and can’t compete with large, national chains.
That’s a load of garbage. Here’s why…

To us, “Mom-and-Pop” shop means a company that actually cares about its customers. A company whose commitment to service runs so deep that many of their customers become lifelong friends with them.

See, when you hire Kent Mohler Exteriors for your siding and window needs, you won’t deal with dozens of high-pressure salesmen and rude workers. Instead, you’ll have close communication with the owner and just a handful of professional home-improvement experts.

We’ve been a Kansas City siding contractor since 1975, while hundreds of other companies have closed their doors. What’s our secret? To put it simply, we use the best materials… we have the best installation techniques… and we develop real relationships with our customers. As we say around here: “Do it once. Do it right.”

So call us a Mom-and-Pop shop—we take pride in that.

To learn more about our values, please read our Code Of Conduct. And be sure to look at the Kent Mohler Reviews page to see what some of our customers (i.e., friends) have to say about us.

Thanks for considering us for your project. We’d be honored to have your business.

Kent Mohler – Owner